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Fixture Mode Not Staying


Hello all,


I have finally figured out the new method of exporting to Vision (thank you for making it easier). But I am now having issues with the Fixture Mode of a whole drawing not staying correct and adjusted. I am using VL2000 Spots (16E), VL1000TS, Mac Aura STDs, Arri Junior 2000s, PARNELs, and ETC Source4 36 and 50 deg ERS. So far, the only ones that keep the fixture mode are the PARNELs and whenever I can one of the other fixtures with just the same type selected, the remaining fixtures jump to the new fixture mode. Is there some option that I am missing or is this a known bug that I couldn't find on the form. Also, the ETC Lekos and VLs didn't find their modes on their own, I had to go in and do the drop down menus to get to them.


My work around to get vision ready for the guest LD was to convert a set of them, export the ESC, merge into Vision 2017 and repeat for the remain fixtures. Kind of a tedious option but got the system done and running from the console.


Other notes, this is a drawing that started in 2016 drawing with a custom library that I re-inserted the provided symbols to see if they would fix any issues.


Thanks all!

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There is a known issue with manually selected Vision symbols in the Fixture Mode field not holding.

There is a workaround, but keep in mind, it could affect other things, like Lightwright.


Currently, Fixture Mode field references the Instrument Type field. Fixture Mode should automatically be assigned based on the Instrument Type, but the problem is that the symbol names must match exactly. If the Instrument Type reads: VL3500 Wash, but the Vision Symbol reads: Vari*Lite 3500 Wash, it will leave the Fixture Mode blank. If, before you plot the symbol, you edit the Instrument Type name of the symbol to read exactly the same as the Vision Symbol, then Vectorworks will automatically fill the Fixture Mode with the matching Vision Symbol. You should even see multiple mode choices in the drop-down menu of the Fixture Mode. Once again, changing the Instrument Type name could cause issues with Lightwright, since that program references the same field.

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Thanks Barnes!


I'll give this a try and update all of our usual symbols to match Vision then. Since we don't use Lightwright it shouldn't be an issue for us. If I have any more problems I'll let you all know.

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