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LED Tape Lighting Symbol

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I had a quick search but I couldn't find anything. Is there a function in Vectorworks Spotlight 2017 that allows me to insert a lighting symbol at different lengths? So the length of the symbol is variable? For instance, when I draw LED tape the length is never a set amount. It is normally set to the size of scenery or buildings. Which means there are sometimes over 10 different lengths the symbol can be. Which makes reports and instrument summaries a nightmare. 


I think it will be really useful if there was a tool in which you could choose the type of LED Tape (For example RGBW @ 8w per meter). And be able to draw the tape live on the plan. Sort of like how the truss tool works but more of a click and drop like system (So you can create curved tape).  It would then be useful for this to automatically be a singular lighting symbol and add information to the `Light Info" records. For example standard lantern information such as Unit Numbers, Circuit Numbers, Purposes, Positions. And additionally new information such as automatic Tape lengths, splits, and final wattages calculated from the watts per meter given and the variable length.

I think when it comes to the instrument summary it would be useful if there was just one symbol that showed a section of the length. Named for example RGBW LED Tape. At the moment this is possible but the build list is flooded with 10 different lighting symbols for LED Tape. I know you can choose to hide/show symbols in the build list  but symbol management would be so much organised.


Let me know if this does or does not exist. Hopefully, I haven't been too oblivious.


Many Thanks,

Ryan Lawrence

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In the instrument summary, symbols with identical type and wattage data will count as a single type. Look at how multi-circuit instruments work for an example of this. You can create a symbol to represent LED tape of indterminate length and add it to the summary from the tab of unused symbols. 


Of course if you are not showing counts, you don't need to worry about type and wattage matching, just add the symbol from unused. 


When I've dealt with linear sources, I keep the actual geometry out of the Lighting Device and use a symbol that is essently empty or use the practical symbol that looks like a triangle. I actually handle most practicals this way. You are right, though, that this method requires manual entry of length and total wattage into data fields. 



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The way I dealt with this was to not use a symbol for the tape.  Instead, I wrote a script in which I enter the length, spacing, size, etc and it draws a section of tape.  Then I have a symbol that is just a locus which I put on top of the drawn bit where I enter the fixture info.  


Of course, this means that I can't change the length, but it gets me by.


I would love to see a tool for this.

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