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I created a window with all my preferences but at lost when i placed it and showed open 3D the Muntins is opening but not my exterior shutter or my interior shutter.

I want my muntins to remain closed and control the open and close property of shutter???is it possible

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I don't believe the shutters have the ability to be parametrically set.  I think they are "always open".  The sash, as you've seen, can be set to an angle in 3D.

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But shutter is designed to close the window in india. How can i make it close any possible way atleased to show it as closed

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I guess without the widow shutter being able to be open or closed you will have to resort to placing them on manually or Marionette. In the attached file click on the shutters and in the OIP change the opening angle.

This is a rough example and does not take into consideration the width or height of the opening nor have I limited the opening angle to 180Deg. All possible, just copy the shutters to another window. If this is an option that will assist I can set up something that will show you how to create different shutter shapes that can fit various window sizes.


The second file will adjust to suite the width of the window when you change the shutter opening angle.








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