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Saving from 2016 to 2010



Hi there,


I have recently invested in a new iMac, new software etc. I was working on VW2010 and finally upgraded earlier this year to VW2016 to my horror I can not save down to VW2010, which isn't an issue except I rendering Atlantis 3. I am also trying to move my rendering to Cinema 4d, but as work gets in the way of learning struggling to do so. 


So the situation is I am stuck  I can not model in VW2016 as I can not export to Art3 directly as its no longer supported, or even save to the VW file down to  VW2010 so I can export to Art 3 from there.


Can anyone tell me how I can save from VW2016 to 2010!!! 


Most gratefully and humbly




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You would have to export from 2016 back to a version that would export to 2010, there were so many changes between the 6 versions though that I would not rely heavily on the output, many types of objects didn't even exist in older versions or didn't exist in the same form.


I think 2015 was the last version to be able to export back to 2010.

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