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Wall Hatch Alignment


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I guess these are hatches associated with a texture.  In playing with this type of thing, I can see it makes a difference whether you have selected "Plane" or "Auto-align plane" in the Render tab of the OIP.  "Auto-align plane" seems to line things up correctly, where "Plane" can put things out of whack.

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Hi. It's a surface hatch associated with a render texture. Both hatches had 'auto-align plan' selected. I adjusted the hatch on the wall above using the 'Offset H' field in the OIP and that seems to have it close enough.  I was really just wondering if there was a "correct" method to align surface hatches. 


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I'd like to bump this topic.. I've tried a number of strategies here, without a bombproof solution.

texture mapping mode consistent between floors, attribute mapping tool used to align the texture bitmap..

Often the hatch is still not aligned between floors..

Anyone have a reliable repeatable method here?



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