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Auto Color Classification for Data Visualization Viewports


As a part of data visualization and another post requesting more advanced data classification, it would be awesome if either present variations of colors, hatches, gradients, etc. could be chosen. Currently you have to manually select the visualization of each data classification which can be very cumbersome when many breaks occur. Instead, like ArcGIS classification, provide pre-determined "palettes" for color ranges and values or hatches. Of course, these could be overriden, but at least it would be a fast starting point for quickly visualizing data. 



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+1 for this too, being able to define colour range palettes for auto-range detection based on classes (or type of data if it spans multiple classes), data type etc. would be nice, especially if they can be made as a resource so that one can create standard or project specific "auto-range palettes" for data groups.

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Playing around with Data Visualizations today and re-frustrated by lack of features/options.  Really need auto-coloring / Auto-Gradient with options to use either auto-detected mean or medium methods for determining midpoints.  


I was hoping to use this to create a block plan that colored the heights of the buildings - but it is actually almost twice as much work.  I need to first go and assign all the buildings a record and then input the height of the building - then go to the viewport and manually assign each height a color along a gradient that I need to manually calculate - might as well just change the fill attribute the first time.  Obviously - it will make control easier in the long run - but we are on the cusp of such a useful feature.  Please make this more robust! 

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