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Vision 2017 demo issues

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i have some general questions on the demo of vision 2017

in my case many things do not work

after installing and opening the demo file i can select any item onyl by clicking in the scene graph

selecting items directly in any viewport does not work. even highlighting any item in any viewport does not work

moving any item with the cursor keys does not work

the software console does not display any control for a selected item or fixture

when i select and delete any item or fixture by right clicking in the scene graph, the drop down structure under the root topic collapses and i have to unfold every item again.

also the icons in the menubar are very small. i did not find any way to change the size. tooltips do not show up.

is this what it is supposed to do?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I can help you out with this.


First, currently the only way to select fixtures in Vision 2017 is through the scene graph, this actually helps quite a bit for performance, as making an object "clickable" adds another calculation to the rendering screen.


As for moving an Item, only conventionals can be moved with the arrow keys, if you select a fixture by it's unit number in the scene graph, you can right-click (cmd+click/2 finger click on mac) anywhere in the scene to focus a light there, then tweak with the arrow keys, or just move it the whole way with arrow keys. You can't use the arrow keys with moving heads as they only respond to DMX. It would be like trying to grab the head of a VL4k and turning it in a direction, it would resist, and try to stay where the DMX told it to be.


Software console: only conventionals make use of the software console. Personally, I think there could be a better name for it, the software console basically reproduces all of the physical options on a conventional, i.e. Gobo Index, Shutters, etc.

Lastly, the Root menu is designed to collapse after you delete something, it prevents the user from accidentally deleting more than just the fixture they needed to. We understand it can be a process to re-add it in the right spot. This is being looked at though, perhaps we can find a better way of doing this. As for the menu bar, what sort of monitor are you running Vision on? Or rather, what resolution? The icon size should scale per your display.


Hope that helps!


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Hi Edward,

thanks for explaning my "issues"

I thought that when trying out Vision a year ago, it behaved other than is actually does.

As i am not sitting in the office... i think the resolution of the display that Vision is running on is 2560px by 1600px.

But i will check this tomorrow...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

No problem, happy to help!


I see what you mean, they are scaling a bit small compared to the VW icons. I can have a talk with the design team, maybe we should have a minimum icon resolution. I will forward your input on to them. If you have any other tech questions you are more than welcome to shoot an email over to tech@vectorworks.net.

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  • 7 months later...

I am also having an issue.  I installed the demo version, and I dont have any of the "Vision" menus in VWX, so basically I cannot figure out how to export the vision files... I know how to edit the data, but cannot export the file.

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