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VWA 10.5 Script Error

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Installed VWA 10.5, created *new* file and find that placing door symbols results in the following Script Error:

"A VectorScript error has occurred on this locked plug-in. Refer to the file "Error-Output" for a further explanation."

This includes 3-Pnl, Flush, French and Patio door symbols. Moreover, opening a recent file created in VWA 10.1.2 results in the appearance of eight dialog boxes giving the identical script error message as above. In addition, all door symbols are now missing from their respective walls, but still show up in the Resource Palette. This file opens up as expected in VWA 10.1.2 with all symbols intact.

VWA 10.5 update is *unusable* on my Macintosh 933 Mhz G4 desktop. Have emailed "Error-Output" file to NNA for evaluation.

Philip Wheelock

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Problem solved, at least for the short term: for some reason the object library files, door files in particular, became corrupted or unusable, as evidenced by a singular modification date for all of them sometime in 06/03. Unfortunately, I didn't save them. Mark Fiorucci (NNA) helped me track down the cause, although we don't know what caused the object library files to be modified in the first place - perhaps a third party-disk repair utility. In any event, I'm backing up the object library folder to CD, and many thanks to Mark.

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