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Linetypes to component parts

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Linetypes are normally not meant to be broken down into its components so I doubt this is going to be implemented soon.


What you could try is print (not export) to PDF and then import the PDF to see if the complex linetype got broken down into its components. Or use a PDF to CAD program and not let that create linetypes from dashed lines.


I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve with this, but if e.g. you want some components of a line to be thicker than other components then this is already possible with creating a complex linetype, though it may take some experimenting to get it right. Not sure if different colours for components could work, never tried that.

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Hi, if you open a linetype and in the Resource Manager select edit and go geometry you can replace the existing geometry with your new geometry and you get a new linetype. With 300 you have a bit of work to do, but if they are already linetypes originally I would have thought they would upgrade automatically.




But just reread your post and i guess this is not what you are after and cant delete post.

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9 hours ago, markdd said:

I have about 300 symbols containing complex linetypes. Due to a change in some functionality of Vectorworks in 2017 I need to change them to polylines instead. I was hoping there was a sneaky way of converting a zigzag linetype into a polyline. Here's hoping!

If your zigzag line is a proper line type then the suggestion from @Alan Woodwell could work.


If the zigzag contains of multiple separate (i.e. disconnected) but touching line segments you could try to do a compose of those segments to turn them into a single line and then replace it with a solid line if that is what you are after, though I'm afraid that will only keep the zigzag shape and not replace it with a line going through the centres of the zigzag segments. In that case redrawing the line might be your only option unless someone knows how to write a script that draws a line through the midpoints of selected lines (i.e. the zigzag segments) to create a polyline to replace your zigzag "line"


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Thanks. The script idea is the way to do it! Maybe this is my entry into the world of writing  my own VW scripts and not just using other people's. 


I was was sort of hoping that there might be an ungroup command that I had not heard of that could convert a line type do this. 


So, it's pick a line, ascertain its length and draw a zigzag polygon in its place. Nothing could be simpler!! 

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21 minutes ago, markdd said:

So, it's pick a line, ascertain its length and draw a zigzag polygon in its place. Nothing could be simpler!! 


Now I'm a bit confused. Are you trying to create a line with zigzag line type to replace another line type or are you trying to replace a zigzag line type with a different line type?


Attached is a quick and dirty mockup for a diy zigzag line type that may give you a start to create one yourself if you are trying to get a zigzag to replace an existing line. Changing the line type of that line to the zigzag attempt 1 may work, but you  will need to refine things a bit more.

Zigzag attempt 1.vwx

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Now that my libraries are working again, in the default libraries there is a line type file that also contains a zigzag line type, though that one is a bit larger than the quick and dirty mockup. They have the same limitation when it comes to sharp corners, but for smooth polylines they should work well enough. (I vaguely remembered seeing the zigzag line type in one of the libraries but wasn't sure anymore)

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Ha ha! I don't want to confuse. What I would like to do in an ideal world is:

1.click on a line that has a zig zag line type assigned to it.

2. Run a command that changes that line to become the polyline that is contained within the zigzag line type.


I think that command could have some potential when dealing with complex line types. Something that the duplicate along path tool and the move by points tool doncombined but if course much simpler!?! I'll try and post an example of what I'm talking about later!

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