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Eyedropper tool also to select colours from images

Art V


It would be nice if the eyedropper tool could be used to sample/select colours from imported images so that I can use the same colour as outline and/or fill for Vectorwork objects instead of having to fiddle with the colour wheel to match the colour in the image.


Yes, I could load the image into an image editor (photoshop or alternatives) to read the colour values but that becomes a bit tedious in the long run, especially if there are multiple colours to be sampled over time.

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It's not part of the Eyedropper tool, it's part of the Attributes Palette which uses the OS color picker, which is why it's on Mac only.


BTW, the Mac color sampler is not 100% accurate... there's a number of older topics on here about that.


I can't really picture how color sampling would integrate into the Vectorworks Eyedropper tool since the Eyedropper function is inherently different than the Photoshop Eyedropper. That being said, it'd be nice if the Attributes Palette color picker were made more robust and consistent across operating systems. I agree that Windows users need to be able to color sample.



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There is a freeware tool called Just Color Picker ( https://annystudio.com/software/colorpicker/ ) which is a colour picker that works independently of any program, kind of a system wide colour picker.  It is available for Windows and Mac (10.6.6 or later), maybe useful to know for those who use both Windows and Mac and would like the same colour picker tool on both.


It helps but it would be a lot easier if Vectorworks' colour picker could pick colours from images (aerial, satellite or other) so that you can match specific colours without having to go through hoops and loops. Just Color Picker has averaged colour sampling which helps in finding a middle colour if there is colour tint variation in an area (like in aerial/satellite images) and would like to see that implemented in a VW colour picker as well.


A workaround is nice, but f you have to use quite a few of those then it starts to become tedious with regard to workflow.

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