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2017 Crashes, laggy, screen refresh



I've been using 2017 for a couple of weeks on a project and it's been a problem.

1. It crashes. A lot. Multiple times a day. 

2. It is soooooooooo laggy! Cutting and pasting. Panning. Everything. When I go back to 2016, it is noticeably different. 

3. Sometimes I do something (join walls, resize something, etc.) and it still looks like I didn't do it. But when I force the screen to refresh (zooming out or in) it shows correctly.


I don't think I have ever been so disappointed with a VW upgrade as I am now.

Are these known issues? Will these be fixed?

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Yep, read that at the beginning of Feb, sorry I wasn't hassling you. I see you're all getting enough of that already.


SP2 is three months old. It's been a bit of a patience tester. Sorry you're the guy getting all the flack, but I'm sure the dev team are acheiving big things behind the scenes, giving us hope that SP3 will be the greatest save since Apollo 13 found thier duct tape. :)

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Probably no real useful information. I just want to add another frustrated voice to the crowd in my small effort to speed up the SP3 release.


I will say that I get different weirdness and lags in different files . What I don't see is any difference when I switch from using my Intel i7 laptop to my AMD FX8350/GTX 550ti GPU desktop. The same issues happen in the same files - occasional long lags, no screen update until a zoom in or out,  layer to layer viewport crops getting ignored as I zoom in, certain objects partially disappearing most of the time. I have monitored resources while working and while weirdness happens - I haven't seen the GPU go above 30% load, or 40% memory usage. Similar for the CPU.


I work in multiple, relatively small files compared to an architectural file, say, and am in and out of different files many times a day. Some few seem to behave normally, whether new 2017 files, or updated 2016 files. At least one behaved better after purging unused....everything.

The worst behaving file is a very small project - all 2d - and the file has been purged - again the same issues happen on either Windows computer.


I have had ZERO actual crashes since switching over from 2016 to 2017 SP2 ... so I don't believe any error logs have made out to the fixers...probably not a good thing.


Good luck engineers...and please hurry.



Learned a little more. This issue with drawing layer to drawing layer view ports (crop gets ignored at some zoom levels) is only an issue when the viewport was created in VW 2016. New view ports (created in VW2017) in the same file behave normally,


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I too have a lot of the redraw issues.  The most common is when grouping several objects or symbols. It was also the first occurrence of it for

me already in sp1. Parts of the selection disappear when I group. I found out that when I group the same selection again, that the geometry will appear again. I then ungroup once to end up with one group again. 


I also experience a lot a lot of the other redraw problem and I'm hoping for a quick fix. 

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Hi all,


I've been having issue with Vectorworks 2017 as well running Mac Sierra and the computer at our office is well above the spec required, I'm running 4GHz i7 with 32GB Ram on AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048 MB.

The files become increasing laggy, to the point any attempt to zoom, pan, select, etc will take about 30-45 seconds to register, if it registered at all. I had a look at my system monitor and VW2017 was eating up 175% CPU usage whilst I attempt to do something, coming down to a stable 30% when nothing is happening at all. Its making VW2017 unusable for me. 

Apparently so far, VW2017 is running alright on the El Capitan OS in my office, but other Sierras are having similar problems to mine, but mine particularly is the worst by far.


I've tried restarting and purging, but nothing is working, and the file is only 26MBs big.

I've also tried to export this particular file to VW2016 but that didnt really solve the problem either, running better than the 2017, but the problem with lag is still present and panning or zooming will still eat up about 10-20 seconds per action.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

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Your System Specs are on the good side.


I think we need more info about the kind of file.

Are you working 3D or 2D only ?

Do you have other files referenced by design layer viewports ?

May be a screenshot is possible.

Like if you have lots of copies of Symbols, your file size may be small but the file complex.


I have no lags when panning or selecting in general.

I do have lags when zooming in large files when hovering my cursor over snappable objects.

Seems the selection and highlight work has priority or comes first over zoom.

It works nearly lag free when I hover my cursor outside of geometry instead.


And I have (or had before SP4?) problems with Push Pull Tool not being able to select faces

of objects until I "send" them "to front".



Can check what OpenGL performance setting you use in VW settings ?


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