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Unavailable 2017 SP1 fixes and improvements notes



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2 hours ago, Markvl said:

That section of the Help file was included as part of the original 2017 release, it's only saying that the BIMobject Tool is a feature to be included in SP1. It's not about any fixes made in SP1. 

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Just now, Markvl said:

Is somebody sleeping at the wheel?  The SP1 release notes site is still not up.  Seems uncharacteristic for something seemingly simple to take so long.

It will come.


Just got back, bit early today still but I'm pouncing on them as soon as they get in.

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For the short term:


VB-120888 Hiding tool palettes in windows will not hide unless you click on drawing
VB-123125 Text Position of Custom Dimension Standard is not correct
VB-128354 PythonExecute crushes under multi-byte path
VB-128483 Opening Files from a Server Causing Crashes
VB-130169 Not use 2byte name on PYTHONPATH
VB-130446 Preference Reset Button description incorrect
VB-130988 Drawing plants in rectangular or triangle array modes fail to show proper preview
VB-131232 Section Viewport on Design Layer doesn't support the fill and line style of "Objects Beyond Section Plane"
VB-131599 Spotlight Preferences: Automatically Assign Universe fails to add last instrument in each universe
VB-131623 Unexpected Behavior using OIP "Rotate 3D" with more than one object selected
VB-131916 Crash after reconciling with LW6
VB-132275 The “Edit Plant Definition” button at the OIP does not work correctly, when there is multiple selection of plants with different definitions.
VB-132355 Undo command deletes many objects in drawing
VB-133235 If double-byte space in OSAKA font is used, the width of the next character is narrowed.
VB-133452 Renderworks does not work.(Only Win, GDI+ Off)
VB-133469 Marionette - Receiving the following error when using VerifyOrGetLib on an already installed library
VB-133500 T0167 - Callout Multileader. Bezier leader in second shoulder.
VB-133540 Display of camera effects that were exported is different. (Unified View off)
VB-133654 MN: Designlayer Sectionviewport - Attributes of beyond section plane-objects not working
VB-133765 Angular Dimension there is a case in which the angle is not be measured correctly.
VB-133876 T00980: Cannot apply texture to the structural member object if you use “set attributes by object”
VB-133959 2D Planer objects do not update after changing fill attribute, until the object is resized
VB-133980 T01609 - VW Crashes After Save and Commit Following Edit of Layer-Referenced File (VGM crash)
VB-134076 Error Message Shows When Exiting Roof Edit Mode in VW 2017
VB-134193 T01607 Placing softgoods object adds single selection handle to the object
VB-134261 About Export 3DS, the surface is lacking.
VB-134264 About Export DXF/DWG or Export DWF, I can't save Mapping and Standards
VB-134403 With multiple files opens, switching from one file to another, expands the hierarchy of the folders in the file you're leaving in Resource Manager
VB-134507 T01665- Drain Selection Handles Float in Document Window When Auto-Bounded Slab is in Rotated Plan
VB-134545 When the “Activate Camera” of the “Renderworks Camera” is executed (Non-Unified View), “Z” value of Renderworks Camera is changed.
VB-134568 Show/Hide Redline failure
VB-134612 About Export EPSF, It can't correctly export the Text of the Superscript or the Subscript.
VB-134614 About Export 3DS(3D), When the symbol object exported to 3DS, there is a case that the surface is lacking.
VB-134619 Strings in Worksheet which set “Alignment H” to “Center” or “Right” shift toward left.
VB-134621 Structure Members join at wrong location.
VB-134633 “Start Offset” and “End Offset” don’t reflect to the object. (Structural Member tool)
VB-134668 Image Prop Issue (Plant created by image doesn't have mask)
VB-134728 In Railing/Fence Tool, If the Frame Width is wide, the effect of the "Rotate Frames by 45 °" is incorrect.
VB-134834 Crash with Garage Door 3d Open within model
VB-134874 T01687 - Railing/Fence. Tangent arc rail creates a closed fence
VB-134904 VW crashes when referencing a document which is applied a “Renderworks Style”.
VB-134914 About Export 3DS, the value of W H D and W H D of the Custom in "Export 3DS Scale dlg" is zero.
VB-134965 KOS: Component caps should be invisible in Design Layer cut plane view
VB-134975 Seven crashes in 85 minutes (Core text drawing)
VB-134991 T01642 - Many Plugin Objects Fail to Show DV Overrides in OpenGL/RW Viewports
VB-135015 Renderworks Camera: Renderworks render Mode of the “Perspective View Controls” does not work.(Renderworks Camera)
VB-135017 In Railing/Fence Tool, Post position in the preview of the Position Post dialog there is a case to be incorrect.
VB-135083 T01642 - Data Visualization Overrides Affect Tile/Gradient/Image Fills on the Design Layer
VB-135092 IFC Export- Elevator Name/Type/Description Missing in Solibri Model Viewer
VB-135132 Default Eyedropper Saved Settings Have New "Label Position" Option Enabled/Disabled Incorrectly
VB-135134 About Export 3D PDF, There is not the string "Default View" in exported 3D PDF.
VB-135135 About 3D PDF, When exported to the 3D PDF, Model tree's Layer Name is garbled or the Adobe Reader is crashed.
VB-135138 About Import OBJ, Can't import the .mtl file of file name using 2 byte character.
VB-135150 The “Environment Reflections” of “Edit Renderworks Style” is executed.
VB-135151 The effect of the “Environment Reflections” of “Renderworks Style” is not reflected.
VB-135196 Irrigation - Modification of Outlet Using Catalog Data does not keep arc settings
VB-135247 T01607: Incorrectly behavior when both ceiling speaker and speaker are selected
VB-135271 Polys Show the Wrong Shape in 3D Views Following Marquee Reshape
VB-135284 About Export HDRI, I can't export HDRI correctly.
VB-135286 About Export OBJ, "All Objets in Current Layer" and "Selected Objects Only" does not work.
VB-135288 About Import CINEMA4D Textures, I can't import Cinema4D textures
VB-135335 Unable to load any files to "Resource Manager" workgroup libraries when the workgroup name is in double-byte.
VB-135336 Unable to load folders and files to "Resource Manager" workgroup libraries correctly when the workgroup name is using a paticular character.
VB-135371 Some Base Cabinets from prior versions move and change size, when opened in Vectorworks 2017
VB-135422 Workspace Editor doesn't close, multiple editor dialogs appear, Force Quit is needed
VB-135433 Wall Cabinets from prior versions are moving from their original location when opened in Vectorworks 2017
VB-135439 About Export COLLADA Options, The Scene Organization does not works.
VB-135440 About Export FBX Options, The Scene Organization does not works.
VB-135441 About Export COLLADA Options, The Include does not works.
VB-135442 About Export FBX Options, The Include does not works.
VB-135443 It is not correct movement of the Radio button of the "Export" and the"Scene Organization".
VB-135454 T01663 — Interior Elevations. Unwanted line appears in "Interior Elevation Viewport".
VB-135474 Unable to exit workspace editing mode when no file is open
VB-135496 Redraw issues when resizing resource manager
VB-135511 About an “Object Subclasses”. (This issue occurs Mac only.)
VB-135585 3D master snap in invisible class can be snapped to in symbols and parametric objects
VB-135621 A “Roof Face” can not be associated to the wall.
VB-135622 A “Roof Face” highlighting is incorrect.
VB-135635 About Export Web View, "All Objets in Current Layer" and "Selected Objects Only" does not work.
VB-135645 T01590 Resource Manager: Unable to open or add favorites a downloaded resource file.
VB-135646 DOM: Navigation Graphics Viewport/Rotated Plan View
VB-135659 Rotation of symbol with a square or rectangle results in that geometry changing when converted to a Spotlight Instrument.
VB-135683 Resource Manager Library visibility buttons/setting are not remembered between sessions
VB-135715 Image Prop symbols thumbnail and large previews turns all "black" when edited
VB-135728 "Find In Resource Manager" Button is Missing From The Object Info Palette (Mac Only).
VB-135737 hardscape tags hard to move
VB-135741 About the “Add New Region” of “Heliodon” setting.(This issue occurs Mac only.)
VB-135765 T01609 - VW Crashes After Commit When Slab Drainage Tool is Active
VB-135778 Geometry Cannot be Selected When Editing Revit Entity Object
VB-135784 Create new Plant from Image
VB-135789 ImportResourceToCurrentFile(...) crash bug
VB-135793 Planting Tool - Bugs converting German Plants
VB-135808 KOS: Structural member is not exported in IFC format
VB-135820 Adding folder with an unsupported file to the resource manager are created but not shown
VB-135827 T01642 - Symbols Inside Groups Fail to Respond to the "Include: Groups" Option
VB-135829 Create Seating Section redraw issue after Focus Point edit
VB-135830 Seating Section object invisible if created in Rotated Plan
VB-135847 Resource Manager: upper menu offers no help hints
VB-135852 Interior Elevations Markers: "Text Config" field faulty
VB-135853 When resizing the resource manager the new buttons along the bottom are removed and corrupt
VB-135861 Export Web View Issues
VB-135862 Converting a cable moves the cable
VB-135892 When Project Sharing permission does not allow creating classes, selecting New Class in Door or Window preference dialogs causes crash
VB-135903 Edit in place for referenced Favorites files does not save changes in the source
VB-135914 Interior Elevation edit extent section line is broken
VB-135921 Complex line type is duplicated in the database if created in user libraries
VB-135932 Spotlight multicable, jumper cables and data cables reset the Attribute palette markers
VB-135933 Door settings: typo in help hints
VB-135950 Resource manager appears to hijack shortcut keys
VB-135955 Debug mode crash / asserts converting VW21 file to VW22
VB-135957 T00975 Crash when changing an irrigation outlet during insertion
VB-135967 Spotlight cable data prefs are swapped
VB-135968 Spotlight Cable: create worksheet layer filter shows non existent deign layers as well as sheet layers
VB-135987 Hovering over controls in the Resource Manager provides no popup help
VB-135993 T01595 - Marionette - When changing a node with a READONLYREFFILE preprocessor, even if the command is removed after the alert message kicks up, the script reverts back to its previous state
VB-136004 Structural member column height change on OIP cancels rotation
VB-136013 Section Viewport shows Planar Objects wrong
VB-136015 DOM: Massive Speed Regression DWG Export 2016/2017
VB-136019 Spotlight Symbol Insertion Tool takes a long time to open the selection popup
VB-136020 Accent not displayed correctly on windows
VB-136031 T00975 - Crash while working with worksheets
VB-136034 Resource manager: slowdown when closing popup for symbol insertion tool
VB-136035 Crash on changing tool.
VB-136053 Nothing will be displayed on OIP after "Custom Modification" is executed for a PIO.
VB-136056 2D graphics of a circular stair will be incorrect with particular settings. (Stair Tool)
VB-136071 Path of "Cable" object does not become a polyline.
VB-136072 The “Multi Head Symbol” is not displayed. (Multicable)
VB-136073 Question : The part values is not erased. (Feeder Cable)
VB-136079 The “Back” Radio button is not set on the “Cable Preferences”. (This issue occurs Win only.)
VB-136080 Display of ”Select Cables” dialog is incorrect.
VB-136081 About the “Select Cables” tool.
VB-136083 Doors, Windows: "Ceiling-Main" class in online help and help string instead of "Header" paramter val.
VB-136089 Objects disappear after using the "Decompose" command.
VB-136090 T01463 — Improvements to Data Tab of Object Info Palette: Unable to keep the field type "Pop-up" if splitting or merging Record Formats.
VB-136091 T01663 — Interior Elevations: Changing the Marker Size of "Interior Elevation" causes VW to crash.
VB-136094 Slab Drainage Editing Causes "Geometry" Phase to Constantly Flicker in Progress Bar
VB-136100 T01601_InternalElevMarker -- Marker size 0 should not be allowed
VB-136109 Resource Manager shortcut fails when workspace is migrated from a prior version
VB-136111 Web View: Can't use google cardboard mode on iPhone 6
VB-136125 Edited patterns revert to the patterns before.
VB-136126 Door Style: Editing of referenced style should not be allowed.
VB-136127 Plug-in Styles: Referenced styles not updating
VB-136145 Generated 3D Plants Show Large Grayed-Out Graphics During Pre-Selection Highlighting
VB-136148 Generated 3D Plants Always Use White Pen Color, Making Them Invisible in Some Cases
VB-136160 Spotlight: 3D Label legends have inconsistent hidden line rendering in sheet layer viewports
VB-136171 Incorrect conversion to 2017 (image fill planar graphics not showing)
VB-136180 Resource Mananager Tools Does Not Have Pop Up Tool Tips (Mac Only).
VB-136188 Create Roof No Longer Works on This Simple Plan
VB-136194 Slab Drainage- Connect Drains Mode Causes Minor Redraw issues withn Slab Object
VB-136198 VW crashes when opening attached file (VGM Crash)
VB-136210 Cable tools: The group created by "Mark specific distance" has different size
VB-136216 DLVP object visibility in rotated plan view
VB-136229 When I place a Structural Member by double-clicking, very very long Structural Member is created.
VB-136241 AHA: Inconsistency of new "Design layer cut plane" feature
VB-136243 Callout object rotates when exporting 2016 file
VB-136248 Wall Report Worksheets: Incorrect formulas
VB-136250 Wall Styles in Templates: Generic and Virtual walls missing data
VB-136251 Question : The no limit number is not displayed. (Number Instruments command menu)
VB-136255 Question : The “Wire Gauge”of a Multicable is not displayed on the “Obj Info”.
VB-136263 Structural member: Vectorworks crashes if you set Member shape to I_Timber(Mac only)
VB-136273 Resource Manager creates unnecessary, "Favorites" folder under the, "User Libraries"
VB-136281 About Import Shape file,nothing does not respond to press OK
VB-136289 Lockfile dialog has invalid date, duration
VB-136290 Plant List Crash
VB-136295 Wall Tile fill does not update when moved
VB-136309 Plant conversion - Landscape Area loses plant definition
VB-136310 Landscape Area - Conversion of the hatch
VB-136313 Chrash while closing
VB-136318 undo problems with Irrigation plugin
VB-136323 VW Crashes on Quit After Creating a Record Format Resource
VB-136327 VW Crashes When Right-Clicking on Objects After Undoing Site Modifier Edit
VB-136332 Spotlight: Unable to delete speaker type.
VB-136333 Wall hatch does not respect wall direction
VB-136334 VW crashes when executing "Save and Commit" after a Story creation. (Project Sharing)
VB-136351 VGM Top/Plan incorrectly draws irrigation components
VB-136352 Resource popup does not search in Workgroup folders
VB-136359 Rotate Plan: editing a group or a symbol in a rotated view, lines outside are not shown.
VB-136365 Tooltip in the Resource view is garbled on Windows
VB-136366 Number instruments not going to limit
VB-136367 Structural Member won't make a column in this file
VB-136379 SBE: Layout manager problem on Windows: Dialogs become inactive and unusable
VB-136394 The Vectorworks crashes by running python when "Vectorworks.exe" is located under folderpath including multibyte character.
VB-136399 KHo - Landscape Object area info
VB-136402 SBE: Energos: Crash/Hang in IEnergyBuildingElementWinDoorExPtr::CopyInterfaceDataFrom()
VB-136404 Landscape Area Naming Behaves Incorrectly With Some Saved Configurations
VB-136405 Landscape Areas Fail to Remain Selected After Creation With Some Saved Configurations
VB-136407 KHo - Convert Arraymode (Plant Spacing Doesn't Match Dialog Graphics)
VB-136409 KHo - Convert Single Plant
VB-136410 KHo - Convert Single Plant with custom attributes
VB-136415 Rail/Fence: Deleting a Profile Crashes Vectorworks.
VB-136486 KHo - Convert Single Plant with quantity per symbol
VB-136487 open un-collapse in RM not consistent
VB-136491 KHo - Convert Plants on different layers
VB-136500 Lines missing from DLVPs
VB-136502 slab drainage tool is not restoring tool highlight opacity
VB-136506 Structural member: If you change Member Type of the structural member it moves
VB-136508 Interior Elevations_changing the marker size in OIP is not working
VB-136509 Space object Paint Bucket mode fails when a Column is involved
VB-136510 KHo - Convert Single Plant 3D Generation
VB-136512 Export to a database file does not rebuild the file
VB-136515 Vectorworks crashed after viewport update
VB-136516 Tile insulation fills are not rotating in section
VB-136517 Section viewport updated but show dirty in navigation palette.
VB-136536 Typo in Data Visualisation palette
VB-136545 Crash in TObjectRecordSystem::SetRecordList
VB-136559 Project Sharing - not getting a Story Elevation conflict
VB-136578 Space Room Finishes Fail to Show in Label When Multiple Spaces are Edited
VB-136579 The term "Resource Browser" is still in several strings
VB-136580 T01642 - "Include Components Of:" Option Behaves Incorrectly with Some Groups/Symbols
VB-136588 Railing/Fence: Resource Name Conflict dialog shows
VB-136589 Railing/Fence: Preview is displayed in Open GL but the Render mode is set to Wireframe
VB-136596 In Text Tool, open “Set Text Size" dialog, crash to executes the setting.
VB-136616 Railing/Fence Tool Issue
VB-136662 Wall feature fails to cut wall or draw
VB-136663 T01659: Vectorworks hangs if you try to download a symbol that has Options dialog
VB-136670 Vision Export Mapping does not work
VB-136687 Clicking “Symbol Selection” pulldown twice to crash. (Railing/Fence Tool)
VB-136705 Some of the Car Parts Textures are Not in the Correct Places.
VB-136713 *Crash on moving an object to another design layer via OIP
VB-136726 Edit tags is using the wrong undo event message
VB-136730 Some template files are asking to be saved, when no changes were made to the file
VB-136750 VW getting unresponsive after autosave.
VB-136799 2017 Crashing When Text Size is Adjusted with Text Highlighted
VB-136815 T01590 Resource Manager: About Resource files controlling by each product serial numbers.
VB-136817 VW will be like a freeze after using “Slab Drainage” tool for a locked Slab.
VB-136847 Tile Fill Acceptance Test - locally mapped tile is changing in isometric view
VB-136853 Parasolid X_T file import failing
VB-136869 Custom Cabinet Defaults are Missing Their Imperial Library File
VB-136896 Layer objects not drawing during zooming
VB-136932 DLVP Crop Edit Mode Shows Graphics Incorrectly When "Best Performance" is Used
VB-136960 Space label in 2017 file (that was a 2016 file) not obeying tool prefs
VB-136964 crash moving mouse over viewport (picking)
VB-136995 Crash in "CDocWindTextEditControl::UndoList::AddEntry(bool)"
VB-136997 ghost lines on a macbook pro retina with el capitan
VB-137001 Roof edit Snapping Problem
VB-137011 Reshape tool problem with multiple lines in "Best Performance" mode
VB-137013 Roof Face editing changed behaviour
VB-137028 VW2017 Crashes when Exporting Test file to IFC (recent regression)
VB-137112 Crash Log - IFC
VB-137116 Crash Log - IFC Export
VB-137200 Selecting Objects in Some Files is Much Slower in SP1 Than SP0
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@JimWthanks for the list, that will take some time to digest.


A question, does the bug tracking system allow you to split up the bugs into generic (all VW versions) and module specific bugs and group the bugs that way in the SP notes? Those not using e.g. VW Spotlight could then skip the bugs for that. It would make it a bit easier to see if bugs relevant for a module were solved or not yet.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Only if they were filed that way and not all bug submissions adhere to the needed rigor to split them up reliably by product. Also, sometimes a bug presents only in certain license types for instance (like that nasty change-layer-crash bug from the initial release of 2017) but the issue is with the Installer or a Core tech like VGM, so the solution isn't classified as a specific module.


To sort of guess at the direction you are leaning with that question though, yes I want to eventually make it far easier to see what issues exist and what issues have been addressed without making users read through a huge log like this. I feel that giving people all of the information possible in a digestible or automated format lets them make more informed and efficient decisions in matters related to the software and thus in many cases, their entire work life.

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how did they fix VB-137200, at the end of the list??? just interested.

Still a lot of issues though, such as the top/plan 2d, and 3d top views in structural member tools, jumping around the place, and also not all the bits available....

Just out of interest, whereas the main release tends to come in mid-september, do you have a release schedule on service packs also?

It feels that a lot of these tools are still in mid-beta and I shouldn't have upgraded to 2017 yet, but stuck now with open projects.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 hour ago, RussU said:

how did they fix VB-137200, at the end of the list??? just interested.


VB-137200 was apparently related to IFC data checking, I am not CERTAIN this was the case but it does seem like selection was checking for IFC data that did not exist and looping that check a few times that caused the slowness. But, that bug was found in the Beta of SP1 and may never have existed in the live versions.


2 hours ago, RussU said:

Just out of interest, whereas the main release tends to come in mid-september, do you have a release schedule on service packs also?


There is an intended schedule but it very much flexes based on critical issues, OS releases etc. Release dates for SPs can and do change based on the current priorities.


1 hour ago, Andy Broomell said:

I aways like the way some of the bug descriptions are worded. My current favorite is "VW will be like a freeze..."


Oh there are some gems, especially when they go through automatic translation. My favorite so far was: "An incident occurred related to everything there ever was."

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1 hour ago, Andy Broomell said:

I aways like the way some of the bug descriptions are worded. My current favorite is "VW will be like a freeze..."

Well.... that is still better than if they had written "VW will be like Frozen...." 


Had they written that, then I can already imagine when it freezes again some VW users will be bursting out singing:

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door



Edited by Art V
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