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converting V10 file to V8 and back to V10


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Saving back to VW 8 can cause problems with door and windows because they are two different version types.

If you can't print to that specific printer, it may be the print data in the file that's causing theproblem.

Email tech support and ask them for directions along with the clear print settings script to get you back on your way.

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I cannot print one of my files to an HP1055CM plus nor can anyone in my office print it. I can print the file to another printer. I tried many options and in desparation I exported the file as V8, then opened it in V10 and it printed. Everything in the file looks fine now. Are there any unsforseen things I should be aware of by saving as an older version and then a newer version. running VW 10.1.2 and OS 10.2.6. thanks.

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