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Slab Components and altering Z height

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I have created a slab style that has the flooring, floor joist, ceiling battens and ceiling. It works great apart from the edge texture can't be set.

As per the image below is it possible to create an additional component that can be classed the same as external walls and that sits in the same Z height as two of the other components.



Slab Settings.PNG

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Hi Jonathan

I don't know the difference between outer face of the wall and outer face of the wall core.

I have just changed those two components to outer face of wall core but couldn't notice a difference.

I also have the ceiling and ceiling batten components set to inner face but they still show as to outer.

Not sure what I'm missing.



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I also have a wall style as a test made of two components, framing (90mm) and cladding (20mm).

Have set the cladding component to sit -310 which looks OK in 3D.

In the setting shown below I tried to set this component to have no fill or line work as don;t want it to show in plan.

In the second image below you can see it still shows.

Any ideas?


PS I tried to change the wall attributes tab as fill says class style, making it have no fill just made the whole wall invisible.




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Actually not the answer I was looking for, however, I DISCOVERED how to do it:

1. Create a SLAB

2. Choose and go to AEC > Framing > choose your profile, edit then give direction.

3. Click on COMPONENTS and go through with your slab components/ texture.

and THAT'S IT. You now have a complete slab and when you section it, you can see each and all of the components.

It now behaves as ONE slab.

No more trying to fudge it in Annotation Mode.


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