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Converting two points to a vector


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Having trouble getting vectorscript functions that require a vector as parameter to work properly. In the snippet of code below, I think that ang should equal 45°.  But the dialog tells me -90° and then I get the error shown in the attached file:

pt= [1,1]
ang = vs.Vec2Ang(pt)

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 08.20.12.png

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From the developer.Vectorworks.net: If Vect is {0,0,0}, Vec2Ang returns -90.  Your vector input is incorrect, so you are getting the default return value.


Vectors represent three dimensional space, so require three points.  If you are dealing with a plane, just use 0 as the z coordinate.


Also, vectors are represented by a tupple, not an array.  So what you want is:

pt = (1, 1, 0)


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