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My problem is similar. Whenever a user tries to create a PDF in either Acrobat 5.0 or 6.0 it takes an extremely long time. I have asked users to try and decrease the size of the VectorWorks file and in some instances this has worked, but in general it does not.

The platform doesn't seem to matter as I work with both Macs and PCs (OS X, and Windows 2000)

Does anyone know if there are size limits when creating a PDF?

Also is there a better way of converting VectorWork files into PDFs or perhaps a more suitable application? The create PDF button located within VectorWorks makes the file too big so that is not possible.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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I hope this helps. I installed a large format postscript printer "ie. Xerox 8855 PS" or "HP Design Jet 8000 PS" and set them to print to file. Then I downloaded Ghostscript and GSView link = http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/ . Open GSView and set the custom paper size "72 x inches" or choose one of the default sizes, Media Rotation, and Paper rotation. you should be able to open the Postscript print file and use GSView to Convert the file to PDF.

I find this works better than using Acrobat, go figure.

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It would not take too long to list all the good things I have heard about acrobat 6. I have stayed with 5. Maybe my observations and experiences will assist.

1. pdf generation via "save as pdf" in Mac OSX does not give the best results, fine with text not so nice with drawing information. I am fussy about cad output quality so I do not use that.

2. I use an approach similar to M. David Hammer, which I picked up from someone else on this board a while back. The difference is that once I make the post script file (I too downloaded the HP 800PS driver from HP for no charge and use it to generate post script files) I use Acrobat Distiller to create the pdf file.

3. The output quality using the post script to distiller method is excelent.

4. The downside is that in v.5 distiller is a classic app. I typically launch distiller from within acrobat (osx so far). This launches classic and distiller and leaves the distiller window visible on the desktop. If you click on it you will be in classic. But you can be in osx and drag the post script file onto the window, it will recognize the file and then do its thing. Most files take less than 10 seconds to process. I quit classic as soon as I am finished.

5. I have heard that distiller works fine in v.6 and it is ofcourse native in that. It may be that printing this way in acrobat would get the job done the way people want in a reasonable amount of time. I learned long ago not to bother using pdf writer.

6. The hp 800ps driver is osx native.



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I have had problems with creating pdf files native to the MACOSX system and printing them at our printers (white polygons print out greyed). I am thinking of trying the process that Donald has mentioned and have downloaded the HP driver. How do you use the driver in MACOSX without being hooked up to the actual printer to create the postscript files?

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my view...

i think that acrobat 6 is really terrific. it is so easy to use, and the printing capabilities have been tremendously impoved. working with it in OS X has not been problematic at all, in fact it has been improved. we are still in VW 9.5, and print PDF's often- its how we send our file to our plot service. we have experienced no problems with speed or quality. in fact, the PDF's look alot better because Acrobat does not change our 'syntax' fonts to 'times' anymore! the speed problems mentioned above puzzle me- we simply hit the 'save as PDF...' button on the print dialog box any away we go.

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How do you use the driver in MACOSX without being hooked up to the actual printer to create the postscript files?


In the Mac OSX print dialogue, there is a drop down menu with sets of printing parameters. One of them is called "ouput options". One of those options is "Save as File". If you have chosen the 800PS driver, or any postscript printer, then Save as Postscript will be an option. (The old save as pdf, the macos version) will be the other). I usually just save the .ps file to the desktop where it can be conveniently dragged onto the distiller window. The pdf quality is superior to the Save as PDF provided by OSX.

You may also have to explore some of the distiller settings, but they are pretty straightforward. The pdf files I get are always rotated 90?, but the can be turned right in acrobat (full version).



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