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VW2017 - 3dconnexion navigation jerky



I have a 3dconnexion device which was working completely fine in VW2016. Nice smooth motion in all directions. I used walkthrough navigation pretty much all the time.


In VW2017 walkthrough navigation seems to have disappeared so am using "Helicopter" as that seems the most similar.


But especially when working close-up the motion is jerky. A bit of fiddling around reveals that this is because the speed of motion, as I gradually push on the joystick, doesn't start from 0 and ramp up smoothly as it does in VW2106. It seems to start suddenly at a certain low speed. This isn't so noticeable when zoomed out from the model, but working on any kind of detail it is - jumping around the place because the lightest touch on the joystick starts it off at a pace. There is no fine control.


It doesn't seem to be a problem on all axes. Rotating left and right is ok, as is tilting up and down. But sideways left/right, vertical up/down and movement forwards/backwards have the problem.


I've tried fiddling around with the settings in the 3Dconnexion control panel (threshold, speed etc) but no luck. It still happens with the speed set to the lowest possible.


This is becoming enough of an issue that I might have to move back to 2016.


(By the way I was initially using a "Vectorworks 2016" configuration in the 3D connexion control panel. That seemed to work for both 2016 and 2017. I tried deleting this and adding a "Vectorworks 2017" configuration. But doesn't seem to change anything - 2016 and 2017 both seem to work from this. I also updated to latest version of 3Dconnexion driver, 10.4.1)


I'm on a mac, El Capitan


Using a 3dconnexion Spacepilot (it's an old model, buttons are not expected to work but the joystick is supposed to be fully supported)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
6 minutes ago, line-weight said:

In an ideal world perhaps instead of design layers having an intrinsic scale there would be a dropdown somewhere called "view at ... scale". Maybe saved as a property of saved views.


Agreed! I suggest a wishlist post. It'll have my vote.

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