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Resource Manager Folder Organization


Now that I have had a chance to thoroughly work with the new resource manager, I can offer my 2 cents.  I am one, that likes to keep my resources organized and although the new Resource Manager improved in many ways, keeping things organized is not one of them.


So the new way got me use to having all my resources being shown all mixed in one spot.   Textures, symbols, line types, etc.....  I like this.   But then the UI breaks away in a different direction which makes no sense at all.   If I want to make a folder called "plumbing" and I want to store my Textures, symbols, line types, etc.... in it, I can't.  I must make a Plumbing Textures folder, a Plumbing Symbol folder, etc.    Why do I have to select what kind of folder it has to be?   Why can't it be just called "new folder" where I can organize things as I please.  Like I said, the root folder allows shared resource types which trains you the work a certain way, why change this in subfolders?


The next issue I have (which is not new to this resource manger) is when you import a resource from another file (our resources libraries).  If you right click a resource and select the import menu, you get a dialog that allows you to "preserve folder hierarchy".  This is great for those of us who like to keep things organized in subfolders.  The problem is, this only works when you do it that one way.  Who in the world wants to right click, hunt through a menu to find import, get a dialog box, press okay every time they select a resource.  The "Preserve Folder Hierarchy" toggle should be an option that we select in either the preferences or document preferences and be the default action no matter how you import the resource (most common way is double clicking).  If you want to override your setting, then you can use the import menu.


Edit:  One more minor issue.  The toggle buttons of which resource source gets reset after every restart.  It would be nice if these toggles stick.  I only want to see the bare minimum when I'm working and I'm constantly having to shut these things off.

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I agree. I was going to make  a similar wish request, but I'll jump in here.


I wish the Resource manager was more like the Mac Finder. I want to be able to organize resources anyway I choose so I can access them in a way that makes sense to me. I can live with the Vectorworks structure of what resources go in which folder, but then I want to organize the folders and files by drag and drop inside the Resource manager. That would be so much easier! Here's an example: Say I open a file of resources, it shows under open files, now I want to add it to user library or workgroup library, or both, I want to drag and drop it from open files to the others. Why can't it be just that simple?

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 4.51.06 PM.png

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