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corrupted files or software problems?

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Hi everyone,

I have been working on a file for the last 10 weeks on everyday basis and today I cannot open it anymore. It's not the first time this thing happen to me but today I cannot afford to redraw this project again. My local support team here didn't or could'nt answer to my request in a proper way and now I hope you can. When I try to open my file I have the following message poping up " Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Library - Runtime error! - Program:c:\program files\vectorworks 10.1\vectorworks.exe - abnormal program termination".

Can you help me on this one? Thank you

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Cools, you need to give tech support your system characteristics - VW version, OS, platform, etc.

I have had this happen. Hope you have a recent backup, because that was the only way I could salvage the file. Lost a few hours of work.

VW 10.1.2


G4 2.2G


PS: I now save a backup version of my file every hour or so to a local (non-server) hard drive using the "save copy as" command.

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I'll one up the previous. Hard drives are alot less expensive than years past, I have a second backup harddrive installed (60 GIG under $100) in case my primary drive, with system software, tanks. Which it has previously. (We currently don't have a server based system). Highly recommend backing up off of your harddrive.

I feel for ya, nothing worse than losing work.

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