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patterns versus hatches

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Have had a problem with a floor plan with layer links that once hatches are applied is very slow on zooming in and out.They are endeavouring to correct this Bring on 10.5.Have been suggested to use patterns instead of hatches as they are faster.I dont like the control of patterns that I have seen (lineweight so forth When zoom levels change so do they)Am I missing the point about VW here or am I trying to autocad Vw

P4 ,Xp 2.66gig processor.128meg video VWA10.1.2

Your comments please

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No answers here, just a couple of thoughts. I don't think patterns are the solution. You are correct that with a lot of hatches any redraw will be slow, not just in layer links. I usually group or find a way to to do a custom selection on a large number of objects with the same hatch, remove the hatch and reapply before printing. I hope this makes sense, I just find an easy way to select everything that has the same hatch and apply the hatch before printing. I'm not sure about Radion cards, but NVidia has had some drivers lately that have really bad redraw rates. Make sure you have the latest driver version.

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Well I always thought (forgive me if I'm wrong) that patterns were really only any use if you are using some sort of post-script printing.

'Cause on the PC, patterns are simply no use at all when it comes to print.

Maybe some mac users can comment - do patterns print out at a useful scale for you people?

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