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Create Roof Face from sloped 3d poly

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Any way to just generally convert a polygon into a roof face without specifying slope? or any other information? Lets say you have a 3d polygon with a series of sloping edges. My goal is to extract the sloping edges from that model - and create them with roof faces in their place. Any way to quickly do that?


The only work around i see is to create a series of roof / facets in a 3d geometric object and then use shell solid tool to give it a thickness. It's crude, but very quick and effective.

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I think that the roof tools only work with 2D polys and not a 3D poly.

Why do you want to not use the AEC create Roof Face???


One way is to use Marionette.

See attached creates roof faces from polygons.


Actually you can create the walls, roof, gutter, slab all from one polygon.

In the files just run the networks. 



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Thank you Alan! I'm looking the marionette, very interesting! Just need to convert metric to imperial units! In fact, I'm currently experimenting with it now. I still don't have my head fully wrapped around marrionnette, but i will keep at it!


This is an example of a roof that's fairly complex but that's fairly easy to create out of 3d polylines. Converting it to an actual roof is very tedius. Any suggestions?

test roof.vwx

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Alan, Thank you for that! Although a great feature request would be to have a low point for the roof and a high point for the roof in the tools itself - without specifying rise/run or angle. It should calculate it automatically. Infact - it would be great if it was combined with stories - similar to the way stairs work. Wouldn't that be a sight? :)

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Hi @Alan Woodwell,

Great job on these marionettes! I'm trying to use a chunk of the V002 script (just slab and walls) in VW2019. I'm pretty much a novice with marionette, so I'm running into few obstacles I'm hoping you can help me with...

  1. The 1st issue I'm having is that when the walls get created, the insertion options associated with the wall style I'm using are getting overridden. Instead of the height being bound by story levels, it reverts to layer elevation. And instead of the wall object coming in on a specific class, it reverts to the current class. As mentioned, both of these parameters are hard wired into the wall style I'm using, as insertion options, so I wasn't expecting the marionette to override any of this, and can't understand where this is happening.
  2. In addition, regardless of the class the objects come in on, the whole thing comes in as a group within a group, and with the opacity overridden to 95%. This is a complete riddle to me. Any idea what going on here?
  3. Finally, is there any quick way to spread out 2016 nodes when the file is transferred to 2019? Because of autoscaling introduced in future releases, the 2016 marionette nodes are all bunched up, sitting on top of each other.



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@mgriesHi, post a small file here and i can have a look for you. Will check how to spread out the nodes. As i recall its the scale that you create it at and the updated file needs to be the same scale. I possibly created it at 1:100 Metric. will check.

Check the wall style they may be set up for layer heights.

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