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John Whyte

Recalling pre saved palette positions

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My setup uses 2 screens : 1) inbuilt 15" macbook pro screen, 2) 22" external monitor. 


I use both screens at the same time. Every time i open VWX all of the tool pallets (obj info, basic tools, navigation etc..) are in front of my main drawing window all grouped on my 22" external monitor, what i then do is transfer all of the pallets to the macbook pro screen and leave my main drawing window on the 22" monitor. 


Only issue is that every time i close VWX or unplug the external monitor it loses all the positions and i have to manually move everything again, i can see how to save the palette positions, but not how to recall them after.. any ideas ? 




OSX - 10.10.5

VWX 2014 SP5


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This was never addressed in Vectorworks 2014 but I think was mostly resolved by 2016.


I am able able to keep palettes on their separate monitors in 2017, but of course if I disconnect one of those monitors while Vectorworks is running, it moves the palettes to the remaining screens so that the palette isn't lost. As long as the monitors are configured the same as the last time I had Vectorworks open, the palettes return to their set positions here on Mac 10.11.6 when I launch 2017.

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A problem (still) is on OS X,
When you open more Windows by e.g. Class Organization > Edit Class > Edit Color

and switch to another App,
come back by VW Dock Icon,

the Class Organisation will be in front and all other sub windows are hidden behind.


You have to move the Windows out of your screen view, one by one,

to reach the last Sub Window, to be able to close these again by ok or cancel,

before you can close Class Organization.


(If not reproducible, try using different Spaces for each App)

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As one running a laptop with external display, this is a common issue.


I have one workspace for when I am working on the laptop screen only, and one for when the external display is connected. The secret is to switch from the external display workspace back to the laptop display workspace before you disconnect the external display. That way, all of your palettes remember their positions.


(As long as Vectorworks doesn't crash. If it does, it will forget the preferences of the last Vectorworks session. For this reason, it is probably best to change workspaces, and then quit Vectorworks, so it can't forget.)


Hope that helps. 

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