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Gaspar Potocnik

Differences when exporting to Vision

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So I did my first export to Vision from VW 2017 and found some differences in the workflow:


- My userconfig.xml got overwritten. Does this mean that when you install 2017 you HAVE to change the ESP mapping in the vectorworks spotlight preferences? or was this just my issue?

- Rotating completely changed! I had realized that 3D rotation un VW had changed, personally it's strange but will have to get used to it, but know the default for vision is a "hanged" fixture, not a "floor" fixture. Is this right? Mayor issue when you have your personalized libraries set to work with the old Vision Workflow!

- When assigning fixture mode in VW It does not always display it in the Object Info Pallete (see attached) nor does it have any info int the Edit Vision Data menu, but when exported to Vision it is exported properly...


Besides these differences, are there any other? I've looked for release notes or some other document that lists these differences but haven't found one, is there such?


Has anyone else done any exporting to vision?



Captura de pantalla 2016-10-03 a las 11.52.51.png

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-03 a las 11.55.50.png

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Yes, symbols are now based on a default hanging orientation. I believe this is because it is the standard for Vectorworks symbols, and they have updated the libraries to work together now.

I have discovered that the Fixture Mode field is based on the Instrument Type field. If nothing is in the Instrument Type field, Fixture Mode defaults to None. There is a bug here that has been reported. In the meantime, if you edit your symbol and enter an Instrument Type that matches the Vision symbol name, you should see the Fixture Mode choices available in that field. For example, I had a modified symbol of a Sharpy, but I did not have "Clay Paky Sharpy" in the Instrument Type field of my symbol. When I tried to force the Fixture Mode to be the correct Vision symbol, it wouldn't stay. Once I edited the Instrument Type field of my symbol, the Fixture Mode was automatically updated, along with other Sharpy choices to pick from.

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An updated manual for Vision (They dropped the ESP) is being worked on.

Vision Symbol selection is no longer in the Edit Vision Data menu. This is only for editing things like Gobo Wheels and Color Wheels and such. The Fixture Mode field is the place to choose Vision symbols for your selected symbols.

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