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multiple rectangles / Different size


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@Jan verhoeven

I've attached an example of creating multiple rectangles of different lengths.

It would be helpful to also know what you would like to do with these rectangles after.


The lengths can be defined however you'd like. In my example, I created a list of lengths with an equal step between them. It is also possible to just attach many dimensions to the "width" port of the rectangle.


At the end, I moved the rectangles to show them individually.


To use these rectangles outside of the Marionette network, select the resulting group and "ungroup" it. The rectangles will then be independent of the Marionette network. You can also further manipulate the rectangles with Marionette if you would like.


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Thanks for the very quick response,

Can you send me the VW 2016 files, the dutch version of Vectorworks 2017 is not yet available.


The result i want to achieve is not that easy to explain. In the store's we are designing  we have to use big refrigerators. These refrigerators exist of diffrent modules, each module has its own tempature, sort of light and a number.


I want to create a marionette tool where i can create a series of refrigerators each module in the series will have its own length, temperature indication and other features. I added a preview of what i want to accomplish. In the future i want to add a 3d view


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