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I have to increase the resolution of my monitor to 1152x864 "which is not very high" so I can fit all the buttons and resource browser and other palettes on the screen and still have room to draw. But in doing this I have no idea what the dash styles look like until I pick it. So every time I want a specific type of line I have to go one by one until I get to the end. Then I realize that the default line styles won't work. So then I have to go to that crappy microscopic Line type editor and try to separate the handles, which are so close together you can't see all of them. And to top it all off, on occasion after clicking indefinitely to grab a handle I am able to move it but then I can't let it go, so I click and click until the mouse drops the handle only to have it dropped it the wrong spot. LINE STYLES IN VECTORWORKS SUCK! Give me a table where I can define gaps or make the editor and viewers bigger so I can see what I am doing. Just make it better. Pleeaasse!!!!!!

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If you are using this application a lot, I would recommend you add a second monitor. I did this a while back and it has made a huge difference in my productivity. Both windows (xp) and mac support a second monitor. Now that hardware is less expensive than software, purchasing a second monitor is a very cost effective means to increase ones productivity. I have a 21" CRT that I draw on, and a 19" with all my palettes.

It works great. Maybe it would help solve part of your problem. Good luck

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