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HELP!!! Worksheets 2017



I converted a previous file to 2017 and started editing worksheets I already had in the drawing set. After editing the worksheets, they no longer appear on the sheets, but rather show a big X through it.


I can still edit the worksheet, but it never appears unless I duplicate its instance in the resource browser and place the duplicate. Even then, after editing the duplicate, it does the same thing.



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8 hours ago, ericjhberg said:

Hi, What you will probaly find is you have opened the worksheet from the resource browser, this will make the worksheet on your drawing appear with a large cross through it. Close the worksheet and the worksheet will appear back on the drawing.


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On 01/10/2016 at 8:54 PM, ericjhberg said:

I figured it out...


In 2017, when worksheets are placed in FOLDERS in the new resource manager, the will no longer show up on the sheets!! I moved them back to the main level of the resource manager and now they appear as expected when the editor is closed!


FIX THIS!!!!!!!

Thanks for the hint..... I thought something was up, but I wasn't able to identify it before.

Did you find it to be on your upgraded/imported files only, or on new files native to 2017 as well?



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