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=IMAGE function is better, but...



As part of our running wish list requests of past, we have asked that the =IMAGE function in worksheets work better (see previous post links below, Item #4 in link 1). In v2017, the worksheet resolution feature was added to enhance this functionality, but it's only part of the solution. Upon experimenting with the new functionality, a problem still exists with the worksheet representation and 1:1 vector-based matching of the symbol in the drawing. The current version's symbols are very clear, but are a very light lineweight, appearing very faint compared to intentionally dark items in a drawing. We need a way for these visibilities to match, so that there is no mistaking the worksheet representation with the drawing representation.


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1. I would also highly appreciate a better image of the worksheet graphic function. It would be great to insert symbols as original vector graphics instead of raster images. This would solve all graphic problems. Line thickness is not represented correctly


2. for display of the graphic attributes I would want to be able to controll the shape of the representation: when I want to display classes without fills (in a legend/schedule) I just want a horizontal line, not a whole square. Also the scale of the representation I would like to be able to controll. This is not possible.


3. Horizontal line objects with complex linetypes are not displayed correctly in worksheet: only the actual base line part is shown (see attached png)

worksheet graphic.png

worksheet test.vwx

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