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Spotlight Resource Browser Organization

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Two questions.. of many, as I'm just beginning to dig into v2017.


I am curious to know why all of the VW Spotlight lighting instruments are filed under [Object Styles-Lighting Instrument], while the Audio, Truss, etc.. are filed as [Objects - Entertainment (...)]


When I click on the [LIghting Instrument] folder, why does the resource window not populate with the all of the sub-folders? I am only able to see the sub-folders by clicking on the drop-down triangle.

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As to your first question, Plug in objects, which Lighting Instruments turn into when inserted, are now located in the Object styles folder.  Speakers are not, because the Array tool uses them as PIO, but the speaker tool does not.  


The Resource Manager left pane is similar to how a browser works.  so to see the items in a file, you need to click on the file, then they will show up in the pane.  also make sure that you have the pane set to show everything, or you may think a file is empty.

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On 10/2/2016 at 1:07 PM, mjm said:

Not to throw stones or anything, as I missas many of these sorts of theings as the next, but…what in whatever your favorite exalted being's name is a 'bunper'? Too many awful things come to my mind.

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 10.05.31 AM.png

Thanks for the catch, will be fixed in the next Service Select release.



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17 hours ago, barnes2000 said:

When in doubt, use the search bar. It will locate whatever symbol you are for quicker than you could browse yourself.

Yes, the serach function uses the symbol name as well as any tags we have placed on items to assist when the name is not something you might be looking for.  

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