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Is it worth upgrading to VW 10 (win)


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We are curreently reviewing our entire office operations. A question has come up as to whether we should upgrade the office to VW10 from VW9.

I know this question has probably been asked before but could technicians/ draughtspeople who have been using VW9 as a 2D draughting tool comment on whether it any better than VW9 at producing working/ production drawings in 2D.

Also if there are any particularly great new tools/commands that would help me convince the management of the benefits.

Apologies for the rambling nature of this post...i need a holiday!!

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In my opinion, wait for the next revision. Issues with the compiler may cause an element to render and not be invisible. Note that this is a random event and may or may not be the same element every time you render. My designers tell me that this can be solved by converting an object to nurbs. This is ok with them, because they are more concerned with renderings and like the batch rendering command. Converting our whole library to nurbs to correct a VW glitch would not be an option. You could, on a per drawing basis, symbol to group/ convert to nurbs as our designers do but, that's up to you.

Sorry for the rambling reply but, I've been using this product since minicad 4 and this version of VW could have waited until the bugs were gone.

Please read the other posts on this board, a lot of good info to be found.

Good Luck,


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OK, here's my 2 cents:

1) I am a residential building designer, one-man-shop, all custom, one-of-a-kind jobs.

2) I have used VectorWorks since it was MiniCad 4. I really like the software, although it isn't perfect (but then again, what is?)

3) Other than the original release of version 9 (which was an unmitigated nightmare!) every new version has had enough feature & productivity enhancements to justify it's respective cost.

4) My favorite things in version 10 are: a) you can now double-click to enter a group or symbol in order to edit it (previously you had to select it and then go to ORGANIZE>EDIT GROUP). This is really a time-saver!; b) The resource palette has been replaced with the resource browser, a little window showing all the resources (symbols, hatches, worksheets, textures, etc.) available. Again, a big improvement; c) the ability to autojoin walls; d) the ability to take a wall and (if it is joined to the other walls) drag/move it while still connected, in other words you can reshape an entire floorplan by pulling walls...e) I know I'm forgetting some cool features, but you get the idea.

5) If you buy version 10, I think 10.5 will be a free upgrade, so why wait?

6) On the downside, I still had (have) intermittent issues when working on files created in earlier versions. But unless you've got a bunch of ongoing jobs, this shouldn't be a big deal.

7) On the mac platform, I had to change to a True Type font, which also wasn't (in retrospect) a big deal.

8) Also, version 10 comes with "3d PowerPack" which I don't use an awful lot, but if you do a lot of 3d modeling I hear it's quite nice.

Anyhow, hope this helps in your decision.

Peter Cipes

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You could buy just one copy to test drive for a month. Whoever does that could use it on shared projects, by just exporting everything to version 9 files. It's only $250, and if you decide against, you can get a refund.

But it's unlikely that you'll want a refund. I think it's pretty unanimous that v10 fixed all or most that was wrong with v9, and also added a lot of good new features.

I still use v8, but bought v10 just to be able to trade AutoCad 2000 files and do print scaling. And to do my bit to support a good cause.

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