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OpenGL problems in MacOS X


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Hi everyone.

I have a big problem with the OpenGL render redraw in my G4 Dual 867 with MacOS X.2 / VW 10.0.1, when I make any object (e.g. cube, cylinder, sphere or my custom building, anything) then I make a OpenGL render (with or without lights, textures or not, with 1 light or 100 lights) and rotate it I have a quick "jump" of my model between the original position and the final position this is so anoying, and when my model is to big the time of the "jump" is so long, no matter if the render settings of the OpenGL have low, medium, high or very high detail, this is always happen, but when i switch on MacOS 9.2 this problem never happen (WHY?)

And my question is.... anyone else have this problem?

PS: I think this is compatibility problem between VW and MacOS X.2 (Jaguar).

PS 2: When I used VW 9.5.3 in MacOS X I have the same problem.

Any solution for this big problem??????


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Hi Katie, thanks for your response.

The 3D Rotation is set to DETAILED and the Retain Rendering Models is set to NEVER... I try different setups (3D Rot. RESPONSIVE and Retain Rendering Model ALWAYS - 3D Rot. RESPONSIVE and Retain Rendering Model NEVER - 3D Rot. DETAILED and Retain Rendering Model NEVER)

Anything works.

I have this problem always when I'm on MacOSX, but when I work on MacOS 9 this problem never happens.

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Katie, you might suggest to the folks at NNA seriously get together with SketchUp with regards to 3D modeling, ease of use and intuitiveness

SketchUp draws it "ease of use and intuitiveness" primarily from its limited number of tools and commands --- which I believe would be several steps backward for VW. Accurate 3d modeling and editing is still very much faster in VW.

A better suggestion would be to assist the SketchUp folks to speed up development of a VW plugin for their software. (I believe an plugin for Archicad is already available.)

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Hi Katie.

To explain you better the problem, I make a video screen capture. It's a Quicktime video with size aprox. 220 KB compressed in a .zip file.

In that video you can see that "jump" when I make a 3D rotation in OpenGL.

What can I do to post the video in the forum or send you the file?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I remember to you that this does not happen in MacOS 9.2.2 only on MacOS X

Dual G4 867



256 Mb RAM

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