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Applying and editing a texture map in marionette



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With the current Marionette content, this is very hard/probably impossible to achieve.

There were some changes made for texturing parts in plug-ins, however I haven't had the time to create a proper demonstration of how to do this yet, but those same changes will work on Marionette objects as well. (They will allow you to map textures to the individual parts of your plug-in object, very exciting!)


As soon as I get a working understanding of what the process is and create a tutorial, I will report back here!

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12 hours ago, Kieran said:


I would like to be able to apply a texture to an extrude so that it matches the width of the extrude. Also need to be able to edit the orientation. 

I have tried the Set Texture Size node with no luck.



Hi, I have no luck with the Set Texture Size so the only way for me so far is to set the scale in the texture. See attached.Will look further into it. Credit goes to Sean O'Skea for teaching the texture setup.



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Hi Alan

Thank you to everyone who responded. Its the first time I have posted and I did not expect a responce.

Attached is the object I have been working on.  Its a frame with an artwork that may be useful to any exhibition designers out there. The frame, glass and matt board are all textured using the Apply Texture node. I had hoped to be able to use a Texture Map node of some sort to control the texture map of the artwork in the frame.  Instead the way forward seems to be to wrap the network, ungroup the each frame the network produces and adjusted the artwork texture map. 


I would love any comments on improvements on the network.

Also can anyone tell me where to find the node Ordered Points. I found it in a tutorial but can't find it in the list of nodes definitions.







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Hi @Alan Woodwell, very good work on Marionette, and thank you for share all the files and you knowledge 


I'm trying to apply textures in marionette, but I do not know how to control it.

How can I control the mapping of the texture (Scale, Offset H, Offset V, Rotation, Flip, Repeat)? There is any special node for this?


In your Marionette Frame 2, when we start to introduce deferents sizes, the picture do not fit or even rotate in a vertical format.


Do you have found any solution for this? There are new nodes in the Vectorworks 2019?


Thank you for your help

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