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3D to Technical Drawings


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I?m wanting to get advise on putting together technical drawings after I have developed a 3D model. I?ve been told to produce the technical drawings as a separate file to the 3D model; to me this sounds a bit time consuming. I want to produce the model first so I can see that it all works.... how then, do I take it from there and turn into tech drawings???


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I like to develop the 3d drawings first. I make a new file for the tech drawings because it keeps the size of the file down but it isn't necessary. create a new layer and a new sheet then copy the part of the 3d to the new layer. Trace it for each view you want to see. When you trace it you have have more points to snap to. It is also easier to dimension 2d elements. I like to put my titles on a seperate layer at 1:1 scale, when I make a new layer (layer 1) I also create a new titles layer (layer 1 titles) this might work for you

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