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Christian Fekete

Ghost images of deleted drawings only disapear upon refresh


It is very frustrating but VW 2017 leaves ghosts images of deleted items on the screen and copies (drag&drop) do not show unless screen is refreshed. Is it a settings that I need to look into?:$

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There have been other display glitches similar to this which have been caused by the 2017 VGM upgrades — maybe try changing the display setting in VW2017 from 'Best performace' to 'Good performance and compatible' ?

Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences : Display Tab > Navigation Graphics



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I might be getting the wrong end of the stick, but I think that's the way the visabilities tool is designed, where you can highlight hidden things...

When you hover over something in this mode, hidden or not everything in that class (or layer) highlights, so perhaps change them out to a class of their own,


I think it works like that so you can re-instate hidden things with the visabilities tool. Also hold the shortcut key down (I think default is "s") will temporarily show everything so you can click on the hidden bits easily.

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Does the switch back to a OpenGL Legacy Mode need a Restart of VW, or even OS X, to apply ?



Would a go back to one of the legacy modes also temporarily solve ?  :

- Editing 3D Polys in DTM does not update the changes - until I zoom in/out

- Grid in Extrude Editing Mode shifts between the Grid inside the Extrude's geometry boundary (correct)

  and the part of the Grid outside (shifted)

- Zoom by Scroll Wheel does not work/lags as long as I hover over Geometry, only when in blank screen

- Lags when underlaying 2D Design Layer Viewports in a 3D view



Are there any official recommendations in which OpenGL Mode which Mac Model works best,

say my nMac Pro with ATI D700's (and Sierra)

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