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Renaming Viewports - Is this really not possible from the Navigation Palette?

Kevin McAllister


Is it really not possible to rename a SLVP from the Viewports tab of the Navigation Palette? I right click and choose edit but there's no field for the name of the viewport. I can edit the name of the drawing associated with the viewport. It seems like the only way to rename a SLVP is to select the viewport individually and rename it in the OIP. Am I missing something?



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Hi Grant


I know it works.  I use it almost every day.


Are you really using 2017 or are you on 2018?  (probably doesn't matter in this case - just tested it on 2017 and it still works).  Make sure you have Vectorscript selected when you paste the script and not Python.


Also make sure you are copying all of the script.  If you miss the final semicolon it won't run.





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I used to have a problem with that.  If you had a page of viewports named Section and somehow 2 of them had the same drawing number.  Or if you had elevations and realized that you North South East and West mixed up and corrected them.  Problems would ensue.


I get around this by first naming every viewport as the current date and time, then renaming.  (Thanks, Pat!)


The only time I ever see an issue any more is when 2 viewports have the same drawing name and drawing number.


Grant, any chance that's what you're seeing?


I'd love to take a look at it if you don't mind sharing it with me.






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Hey @michaelk


It seems that in v2021 the rename viewport scripts (which are fantastic btw) still work however they do something to section lines. After running either of the scripts Section lines lose the ability to navigate back to their section viewports. As far as I can tell the section viewports still seem to be connected to the section lines. It's the navigation from section line to viewport that is lost. Have you encountered this and do you know if it is fixable?



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I'm using this script every day and I'm not seeing that.  (I've stopped using the old version.  I've added the "do 'em all" version as a menu command.)


Are you putting your section lines on design layers?  (I always keep mine in annotations.). That's the only thing I can think of - but I don't know how that would cause the problem you're talking about.


Do you have a file will cause it to fail?





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So it doesn't seem to make any difference if the section line is on a design layer or in vp annotations. To make things more complicated I've also found the number referencing gets confused after running the script. See movie - all works as it should until i run the script and then both the navigation is lost as well as the number get confused. Test file with script attached too.

Viewport Rename Test File.vwx

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Thanks for the file and video that really helps.


It looks like even before the section lines need to update.  After running the script turning the section line off and back on, or nudging it makes it wake up and update.


In fact, running the command Tools>Utilities>Reset All Plug-Ins should make them behave.  Could be a slow process on a big drawing :-).  But it gives me an idea on how to fix it.

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2 hours ago, Boh said:

How are you managing vp names

I'm mostly just not 😅


(all the while cursing Vectorworks for the dumb way it currently names them.)


As a set designer I have to pump out many drawings quickly, meaning a file might not be used by me for long, in which case it's not always worth the time naming viewports in a useful way. Without the script to do it for me I can't really waste time on it. (Depends on the file of course.)


When it comes to linking markers, I make heavy use of the search field in the Linked Viewport dropdown, which is a godsend.


Hopefully one day Viewport auto-naming will exist in a smart and useful way, and until then I'll send positive thoughts in the direction of the brilliant michaelk so that perhaps a scripting solution will be found for 2021.




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16 hours ago, michaelk said:

Glimmer of hope.  I know why it's failing and why it started failing in 2020 and 2021.


Not sure I know how to fix it… 🙂 


I just submitted a bug report on this:

VB-176976:  Association lost between Section-Elevation Line and its viewport after renaming viewport via script

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