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Kevin McAllister

Render Styles include everything - Hidden Line / OpenGL / Renderworks Etc.


Could we have a more advanced version of render styles for SLVPs? What I would like to do -


- be able to assign foreground and background render settings to a style

- to create render styles that include OpenGL or other render modes with their options as a saved preset


Ideally then I could have a "preview" or "working" render style and then switch to a "final" render style before rendering. Right now if I want to have my preview as OpenGL with edges and my final as a Renderworks Style background with a hidden line foreground its a lot of messing about.



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Do you think this would be better as an extension of Render Styles, or as a subset in another proposal, Viewport Styles?



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Viewport Styles could work. I like that there's name differentiation. If it had tabs for different groupings of stuff (e.g. a tab for layer overrides, a tab for class overrides, a tab for foreground/background render settings etc.) and you could checkbox which tabs were active. This might be less confusing than two different render style types....


Ultimately it just needs to make things easier to manage. Right now I'm using the eyedropper but it means navigating to each sheet individually. Its hard to do it through the Viewport pane of the Navigation palette because there's no way to organize it by sheet or to group types of viewports (not physical types, but how I'm using them).



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Currently hidden line is not a "rendering style" that can be saved and applied.  I'd like to have it available as rendering style and here is why:

-exporting a dwg file that has viewports in a rendering style (openGL/renderworks) results in only the picture of the viewport being exported, no geometry in the viewport.  If I have a multi sheet document that I want to export to an autocad user, and the sheet layers I have are using a rendered style, nothing will be useful to the autocad user on the other side.  


So far the only solution I have is to go through and manually change the viewport rendering style to hidden line, which is a local solution to a global switch.  

If hidden line was a rendering style, I could go to the rendering style and just change the settings to hidden line, export the file, and then reset the settings.  


Currently this is the only solution that I can find to getting a clean export to .dwg. If someone has a better solution I'd love to hear about it, as it really cramps my workflow to have to go through this process above.  

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