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Create surface from points/nodes

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The size of my point cloud is approximately 1.2 billion points. In Vectorworks it however only imports 30,000,000 i believe. I'm just thinking it would be much easier modeling the model from scratch.

I already created a good part of the plans in 2d using Vectorworks, which already is a life saver!!! Next step is recreating BIM


How many points do you usually deal with Jim when meshing? Do you also generate normals? Or do you just export the normals included with the .pts file / .xyz file?

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Most of the point clouds I worked with were scans of single objects, like archaeological exhibits or other types of scanned-in art, for those I found converting them into solids was much more useful before bringing them into Vectorworks. However, 1.2 billion points may be the highest I've seen, the largest test one I saw here in testing was around 500 million.

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Yea, at first it was made into a .pts file, which took ages to import into vectorworks. Then I found a workaround that allows .pts files to be converted to .xyz files and substantially reduce the size based on the new format. .Xyz is then imported into Vectorworks quite easily and quickly, and the model is then reduced from 1.2 billion to 300,000,000 (i believe this is the latest maximum) either that or 500,000,000. Thats why i was asking a series of questions regarding extraction of point clouds into isolated points than can then be converted into 2 dimensional geometric cross sections. slicing 20 or 30 slices of geometry would allow for lofting a surface of the model (say if it is a very complex shape like a vaulted ceiling or something). That is my latest set of experiments. Currently learning the subdivision tool, hoping that could help speed up the process 

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