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Drag and drop for importing files broken using Run As Admin

Art V


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I my case it were a tiff photo/image and a dwg file in the same folder as the drawing. In VW2016 both import fine when drag-dropping them into the drawing, in VW2017 no import dialog shows up. Are you on Mac or Windows? (In case it is broken only on one platform)

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1 hour ago, JimW said:

Windows is the side where you get the problem? Do you have Vectorworks 2017 set to Run as Administrator? If not, when you enable it (or if so, disable it) does the behavior change?


It is set to run as administrator because of the libraries catalog updating issue  (as non-administrator it fails to update).


When "run as administrator" is disabled the drag and drop to import the image file or the dwg file it works for both. But the libary catalog will then fail to update.


It looks like I have to choose between two evils :/

1. Run VW as administrator and not have problem with the library catalog update but have a problem with drag and drop import of file

2. Not run as administrator and have a problem with updating the library catalog every time VW starts, but not have a problem with drag and drop import


For the record, File>Import does work properly. Sometimes it is just more convenient to drag and drop than going through the menu and browse to the folder having the file.

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