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Import a batch of dwg file

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Hey guys!

I am new here and honestly,  I am completely helpless with Vectorworks. I have to do this project for Uni, I have to make 2D layout plan into 3D or BIM.

I already receive a roughly workflow from someone expert in using this software, but I just can't figure it out. I am desperate for help! Below show the outline I receive:

  • Import a dwg of each floor each on its own layer
  • Set the layer settings to Show/Snap others.
  • Next create a layer for each floor where you will actually draw. 
  • Next, turn all layers off except for the first floor layer with the dwg information on it and the first floor layer where you'll do your drawing. Make this layer the active layer and trace over the dwg information.  It will help if you have your drawing layer stacked ABOVE the dwg layer.

can anybody explain me more further? Or perhaps a screen shot on every step?  Thanks for the help



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A few other things to consider in addition to Alan's link to the videos

- When importing the dwg files it might also be convenient to give each import its own prefix for the imported dwg layers so that later on you can tell which imported classes belong to which imported drawing.

- Regarding tracing, if the dwg files are of good quality (i.e. well drawn) you could copy the items you need or can use from the dwg layer to your floor layer. Make sure you copy instead of move so that you keep the imported dwg drawing intact for reference/checking. The one caveat would be rectangles, as in dwg these are polygons and you may want to use proper VW rectangles as these are easier to edit for height/width changes.

- Regarding having the VW working layer stacked above the dwg layer, this is in general correct except when you are creating filled objects. Then you may want to consider to have your working layer beneath the dwg layer so that you can still see the dwg objects to trace. This will make it a bit easier if you have multiple items in an area that you need to trace (e.g. concentric circles). You can always rearrange the working layer to be above the dwg again at any time.

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