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DLibrary - a Python library to create plugins faster and with more ease!

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for those interested, DLibrary is an open-source Python library to create VW plugins. I have moved the repo to github (still have to transfer the issues), as it has better collaboration support and a far better wiki system. https://github.com/dietergeerts/dlibrary. The main benefits of the library is that you can program OOP, plugin setup is a breeze, so are custom dialogs. Not all is already in there, but everyone is welcome to contribute.

Just wanted to post this so that more people know of it's existence, and that it's still alive (and kicking).

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Hi I am a newcomer to this and I was wondering if Library is still functional? Vectorworks hasn't changed that much since 2018 and I'm mainly working with symbol data.


I would love to take some of my python scripts and turn them into plugins, how does that process work?



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