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Mass import of textures

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You should be careful.  There might be some info lost when textures are imported into sketch-up and re-exported.  I am not positive this is the case, but I would be surprised if that is lossless.   

What you could do is reference in all the files that have the textures you want to create a library from.  Then you could kill the references and keep the resources - purge the document of the resources you do not want.  

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I have done the experiment, so far so good. The sketchup file is strictly intended for importing textures, I doubt that any information would be sent back to the sketchup file given that it is only imported, no information is actually written to the file itself. I've done this in the latest version so far, the only comment I have about textures is figuring out how to scale them to their real world size at the same time. But I doubt that's necessary. Looks like ill be experimenting....I'll share some      resource's soon! Thanks for your help!



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