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Kevin McAllister

Palette Docking 3.0 Wishes


I would be interested in some of the following wishes for Palette Docking 3.0 -

- the ability to dock the Resource Manager as a tab like tabbed documents (tabbed documents is one of my favourite additions to VW2017)

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 8.58.39 AM.png

- the ability to dock palettes next to each other above the mode bar/drawing window so the palettes can have a user controlled width. Right now anything you dock there automatically stretches to full width

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.01.20 AM.png

- the ability to hide/show a dock area by clicking on the 3 dot divider (much like you can hide interface items in C4D)

- more control over what the Snapping Palette does when you dock it so you can maintain its layout and orientation (why isn't the Snapping Palette a regular tool palette?)

- a fix so a docking column can be sized to the width of the Snapping Palette (there's either a gap or it reflows into a single column of icons).

- the ability to dock script palettes

- the ability to open a worksheet as a tab like tabbed document and to have it open along with a document each time its opened.



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If you stretch a palette until it is much wider than tall, it should have its title bar on the left side. ClarisCAD had this feature in the eighties.

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Yes please...

Also an alternative horizontal Attributes palette is clearly needed to work well in the new system. 

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A well formed version of horizontal docking is desperately needed please.


Here's what it does now -


Not great.


This is my current workaround - a floating horizontal palette -



But you can see it doesn't play well with the new Multiple View Panes in VW2018.


It needs to be something more like this, where it respects how I set the icon layout but fits in at the top and relates to the document window, not the full width across the side palettes -




The Attributes Palette and the Snapping Palette also need some attention. They do the basics of docking but not in any intelligent way.





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11 minutes ago, zoomer said:

Same here .... at the bottom ....






I used to have mine across the bottom years ago. I ended up moving them to the top so most of my mouse moves were up - both for tools and for menus.


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Gravity forces me to see the upper part of the monitor as a place more tedious to reach,

like things hidden in Text Menus. So this is reserved for things I don't use that often.


But nice to see that you do the same effort in sorting icons and division of manipulation vs creation

tools as I do.

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