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Entering data from a GPS


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Currently, we do not support GPS definitions for survey information. I have added this to the wish list already.

To enter in inforamtion, you can use an x, y and z value for points to generate the DTM. You can also draw 3d polygons based on x, y and z values to generate a DTM.

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VW does not support long/lat coordinates (or 'map projections,' for that matter). Conversion to long/lat to x/y is not exactly easy, since there are dozens of map projection systems (all more or less inaccurate since a spherical surface cannot be accurately represented with a plane.) Your best bet is, unfortunately, to use a GIS program such as MapInfo as 'middleware' and convert long/lat data into the x/y projection your base maps / surveys use.

There may be some hope in the wish list item: many years ago, Diehl Graphsoft had a mapping program called Azimuth (???), so NNA is in possession of the required core technology.

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@techdef it was possible back when this was originally posted...

By using UTM coordinates.  The OP could have translated their data to UTM and plotted spot elevation by x,y,z

Gathering data by non survey grade GPS has more error in it than worrying about map projection, until you get to very large distances.

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