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Setting Defaults

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I cannot figure out how to set default values for a coupla tools.

The angular dimension tool shows decimal angles, and I want to default to degrees and minutes. If I keep doing it one by one, I'll miss one sometime. How to change the default?

The text callout tool always defaults to 12 pt text. I want 9. No matter how often I select the tool with no object selected, it defaults to 12 even if the size menu shows 9. Then I have to change that instance to 9. How to change that default? I was able to do it for the text tool, but not the callout tool.

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Hi Cloud,

For angles;

Page/Units/General Display, go down to the bottom where the angles are; Precision/ drop down menu. there ;-)

For callouts; huh?

On mine, the text size of callouts is whatever is set in the Text menu at the time of creation. sounds a bit glitchy....

Have you tried it in a New file??



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Thanks on the angle....there are so many places where things could be that I can't find half of them, even with the help and search features. Kinda like my keys in my house...

The callout tool....hmmm. It behaves the way I describe in any new file from my template. It behaves the way it should in any truly new new file. hmmmmm. I can't afford to recreate my template from scratch. Any ideas on how to smack it around so it behaves in an existing file? Nothing I do seems to change the callout tool from creating 12 pt text, forcing me to change each new instance.

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