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constrain view changes to objects

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When swapping between front, side, top views etc (which I do constantly on 3D objects), if the object being worked on is at, or near the origin, it will stay on the screen (more or less)

If the object is at some distance form the origin, each view change will send it off to one side or another. To bring it back on screen means going hunting for the thing, or using the fit to objects and then resizing back to the size I want it.

I haven't found a way to do it: can I constrain view changes to be centred on a selected object -(with say a keyboard shortcut like holding the shift key while hitting the numerical keypad numbers)??


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Hi Kong,

What I want is the selected object centred on the page (at the existing zoom factor) when I change views .

Fit to Objects usually means zooming back out somewhat to be practical (for me anyway). And besides, it's just another superfluous step when one *would* do.

Also: I've not found in the Workspace Editor a way to set keyboard shortcuts for the Fit to Page and Fit to Objects.

This is something I could really do with. [mousing =Carpal Tunnel= :-( ]

Is there a way?


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If you want to use the Flyover tool, you can rotate around a selected object by selecting the first mode button rather than the second (default) which rotates around the center of the ground plane.

The Standard Views rotate views based on the origin or center of the ground plane. If you have an object a good ways away from the origin, you may 'loose' your object in the window.

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The Standard Views rotate views based on the origin or center of the ground plane. If you have an object a good ways away from the origin, you may 'loose' your object in the window.

Yes!, this is exactly the problem!

What I want to do is maintain the same zoom level, but centre the selected object in the new view.

The flyover tool centred on the object is "ok", but doesn't give exact side , front, top views which are needed when aligning 3D objects with another.

Is there no existing way to achieve what I want? Perhaps others would find this useful?

Could it be done with a tool/script? (not by script-ignorant me I think :-0 )


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you can move (or set) the workingplane for fit position view,

(you can set the workingPlane in 2 way

1. use the 3D Selection Tool (click origin and drag go to object)

2. use the Set WorksingPlane Tool

- First Click at vertex for origin position

- drag mouse go to Secound vertex and Click for to set X axis

- drag mouse go to third vertex and Click for to set Y axis )

then change a Pland referenece in The workingplane Palette from the ground plane into the working plane, by click the Working Plane button (right bottom))

after. when change view by the View Command (or view mode button of the 3D Selection Tool) display stay a object (or WorkingPlane)

(you can save this WorkingPlane by the WorkingPlane Palette (Click Add button) and witch to old Working Plane by click GroundPlane name in the plane List)

if you must go to view at this object in more time, you does probably save sheet in this view

by the Save sheet.. command (in Page menu) or the save sheet.. button on View bar(Right side)

else.. I don't know [big Grin]

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i may be really dumb here....

but can't you just use saved sheets and set up your basic working views in different sheets.

you can even just save the view position and not save layers or classes.

draw back is it don't have a keyboard shortcut

(which would be a nice thing)

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The workaround suggestions here are sound, but, all the same, propstuff's request is a great one. We shouldn't have to go to the trouble of creating a view or go through extra steps to be able to look at a given object from all sides quickly and simply. I'll bet implementing this function would be pretty easy - VW already does this kind of thing with the zoom commands, where if an object is selected it is centered in the zoomed view. In fact, this is what I use to get my object back in the center of the picture again after changing point of view.

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