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Roads to modify DTM?

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I'm trying to figure out how to use a road object to modify my site model, as it says in the guide. I've created a DTM, I've laid a road within it. I've tried updating the DTM with the road selected, with the road and the DTM selected, with the DTM only selected, and with nothing selected. I get no results. Any advice? Thanks very much.

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Yes, I have "Use Site Modifiers" turned on. I realized that it does give me some result: it triangulates a projection of the road on the proposed DTM. However, it does not adjust the heights of these points to meet the road. I can edit the symbol to change the color of the triangles in the dtm to sort of create an effect of the road being "painted" on the site, but that's tedious. In the manual it looks as if the contours should actually change. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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You should set the heights and slope of the road objects in order to control the DTM results. Alternatively, try Landmark's road design suite using the road centerline and station points method. This method includes tools to set the road to follow the station points.



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