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Reshape Tool should function better with arc segments

Andy Broomell


I wish the Reshape Tool were smarter when it came to working polylines containing arcs. I want a mode just like the "Move Edges Parallel Mode" but which works with arc-related segments. In fact, this new functionality could be rolled into that mode, though it would have to be renamed slightly.


I've attached some images to illustrate some things I wish it could do:




Since the arc-based edges are mathematically defined, Vectorworks should be able to extend/offset those edges as shown above.


Current workarounds involve decomposing the polyline, then modifying the arc(s) with their blue handles, the offset tool, or just drawing new ones from scratch... then selecting everything and composing it back together.


I know Vectorworks prides itself on its 2D drafting abilities - fast and easy - and this would go a long way to improve efficiency and functionality in that area.

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