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Probably won't work with Python.

From the Description on the DevWiki http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:AngleVar



Sets the angle designation method in VectorScript. When called, VectorScript will treat language symbols which can be interpreted as direction angles (e.g., N, S, NW, SE) as variables rather than angles.


"Sets the angle designation method in 'Vectorscript'.."

I believe that explains it. Looks like this function is Vectorscript specific. Funny that it has a equivalent Python function.

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Define "simple".   

Try this in place of vs.LineTo() when you want to enter distance and angle.

def LineToAng(D, A):
# works like LineTo() with a distance and an angle (in degrees) as input
	X, Y = vs.PenLoc()
	A = vs.Deg2Rad(A)
	vs.LineTo(X+D*vs.Cos(A), Y+D*vs.Sin(A))


Use it without the "vs." prefix like this:

vs.MoveTo(0, 1)

LineToAng(3, 30)  # from current point draw a Line 3 units long at 30°




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You could use http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:ValidAngStr, which converst a string into a float angle. The same goes for distances in python, you can't use string, but they can be converted. I put this into dlibrary, so we can use strings like '5m', have a look, you should do something similar for angles: https://bitbucket.org/dieterdworks/vw-dlibrary/src/ac2110e58529cb69cede4a04a94219fc38634fd0/dlibrary/document.py?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default


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