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C4D Exchange


Thanks a lot for C4D Exchange updates.
Now for the first time I can do a nearly lossless exchange by C4D Exchange and even by FBX.
There also were so many silent Bug Fixes that have a huge impact.
I am so happy with it now.

Nevertheless I have some Wishes for Improvements :

Export Units :
In VW 2017 the Files still exports in Millimeters. I would like to have Centimeters.

Centimeters are a quasi standard in C4D. Most Plugins (e.g. VRAY) just expect Centimeters.
Therefore you have to set these to other Units manually each time, if you can at all.
Often they don't use real Units but System Units, were they also expect Centimeters.

Option to Save different Export Settings like for DWG/DXF

Export > Render Mode :
This is much better than the need to Render a View before Export.
And we could even set one or more Render Styles just for Exports.
But if there is also an Option to edit these Settings on the fly, why not just include all relevant
Settings directly into the Export Option Dialog. (Tabbed Layout)

Export > Scene Organisation :
Also I these new Options are far more useful for FBX, in special cases even for C4D than standard VW mode.
I realized, for FBX I would like to have the new Option "sort by Textures" + grouped by Layers,
to keep Flexibility with Stories.

Export > Export
There are now Layer Options in the Export Dialog. I think I will need nothing but "All Layers"
But still it needs some Layer+ Class Setting before Export.
I see Class+Layer Visibility as a Modeling help only and not as a Export Setting.
But even if I use a "Saved View" Set before Export, I had to manually Reset everything afterwards
for working again.
Couldn't there be at least a Saved View Setup selectable like the Render Style above does ?
So that the Saved View will control the Geometry Export but not interfere with my working visibilities ?

Or better a Dialog like Viewport Organisation under Visibility Mode to control Geometry Export completely
from Export Dialog itself.
To be able to do the whole Export from Publish Manager like Exporting DWG's ?

Or even better, add Options into Class and Layer Settings to set these to
a) Export to C4D or not
b) Render in RW or not

Geometry > Face Orientation > Extrudes
Please allow C4D + FBX Exports to have all Face Normals pointing to the outside:
This works for Generic Solids, Meshes, ... and  Solid Additions Substructions - even when these include Extrudes.
Just not for Extrudes. And this effects also most plugins like Stairs, Slabs, Windows, Doors, Structural Components, ...
that seem to use Extrudes in their geometries.
Can't these be fixed by simply by using the "Reverse Direction" command for Face of the initial 2D Geometry, after Extrusion ?
E.g. for a Rectangle, all other faces are correctly oriented. Just the Base Face is flipped.


Thanks a lot so far.

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