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Reshape Tool Bug VW2017



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Yes I have the same bug, it can be solved for now by changing the display setting in VW2017 from Best performace to Good performance and compatible. Please do a bug submit, as that will give tech support the necessary information in helping to track the cause of this.

If you do another operaton on the object, e.g. a fillet, then it gets properly displayed and then using the reshape tool works ok for that object. At least it does that with me.

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Running Vectorworks Architecture 2017 64 Bit (Build 327801) on Yosemite, on a 2013 21.5" Imac.


If I use the reshape command on a simple rectangle it works fine. If I use it on anything more complex, it moves the handles and a ghosted outline, but the rest of the shape remains in the original position. even if I deselect and reselect the shape, the shape shows the shape outline in one place and the handles on the ends of each segment in a different place (see screenshot).


It is the same on other machines in the office that are running Yosemite.


We've tried to replicate it on the one machine that runs El Capitan, and can't, which suggests that it may be a problem linked to the OS version.


Has anyone else experienced this?



Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 10.11.15.png

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