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Can no longer select objects...

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I can no longer select any objects in a current v10.2.1 file. It started with one layer, with just a few objects, and over the duration of a 30 minute work session, the problem has now spread to all objects in all layers.

Let me guess... a file corruption? Or is my frantic deadline energy overloading the circuits.

Usually, from what I can gather, you can salvage corrupted files by copying the document layers to a new file. Unfortunately, I can't do this here.

Help would be most appreciated, as I'm just about ready to toss my computer out the window and take on a new career as a short order cook.

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chances are, this is not your solution, but I had a similar problem and it turned out that i had my classes set to 'show others' but not 'show/snap/modify' others.

it's possible that it could be solved by checking your classes, but not likely. Just though i'd share.


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Did you check BOTH the class options and Layer Options under the Organize menu?

Have you gone into the classes AND layers dialog to see if you have that currect class/layer as


While you are there - check to see if you have the none class set to be invisible.

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All classes are set to visible, as are all layers. I can see the objects in the active layer, but I can't select them.

AS it turns out, there are a few objects on some of the layers that can be selected.

5 minutes later...

Without having done anything to the file, I can now select a much larger number of objects, though I can't select them all. THis is very, very strange...

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